What a difference a year makes: Rivkin to debate future of health care law in D.C.

Cato Institute panel examines ObamaCare at one-year anniversary

Published on March 14, 2011

by Staff


OfficialWire PR News Bureau

When the national health care law now known as ObamaCare passed into law on March 23, 2010, few foresaw the immediate effect it would have on the country. One who did was constitutional scholar David B. Rivkin Jr., the lawyer who led 26 state plaintiffs and the National Federation of Independent Business in a successful Florida lawsuit that found the law unconstitutional.

In conjunction with the one-year anniversary of the House passing the law, the Cato Institute is holding a special half-day conference in Washington, D.C. on Monday, March 21, 2011 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. to look at where the Affordable Care Act is now and where it might be heading.

Mr. Rivkin will provide the opening keynote address and join a panel of constitutional scholars in a debate over the merits of the two dozen legal challenges brought against the law and their likelihood of success before the Supreme Court. Health care experts will then debate how the law has already affected America’s health care sector, labor markets, the federal budget, and what impact it will have in the future.

Rivkin was the first to make arguments against the unconstitutionality of the health care law and its individual mandate. The Florida ruling was one of two federal rulings to strike down the law over a year that also saw a public referendum on ObamaCare in the form of sweeping Republican gains in Congress, as well as a subsequent House vote to repeal the law.

This conference and reception are free of charge. To register, visit www.cato.org, fax (202) 371-0841, or call (202) 789-5229 by noon, Friday, March 18.

For more information, visit www.davidrivkin.com or contact:

David B. Rivkin, Jr.
Suite 1100
1050 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20036-5304

Source: http://www.officialwire.com/main.php?action=posted_news&rid=287932


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