ObamaCare plaintiff attorney victim of cyberattack

Prominent ObamaCare opponent David Rivkin has website crippled

Published on February 14, 2011

by Staff


OfficialWire PR News Bureau

On the heels of a major federal court victory in the ObamaCare reform battle, lead outside counsel David Rivkin has become the victim of a cyberattack against his website.

Administrators running the site, David Rivkin.com, said they first became aware of significant problems on February 8. Around midnight on Thursday, Feb. 10, a million comments appeared within a five-minute time frame, destroying countless articles and interviews posted on Rivkin’s site.

“We are notifying the appropriate authorities and are confident the person responsible will be caught,” said Rivkin.

The Denial of Service (DoS) attack occurred just a week after a Florida federal judge found that ObamaCare was unconstitutional and should be thrown out, ruling in favor of plaintiffs that include 26 states, the National Federation of Independent Business and two individuals, all represented by Rivkin.

Rivkin, a former White House lawyer, was the earliest voice to question the constitutionality of ObamaCare. From the beginning, he framed the legal debate through editorials he wrote in 2010 with partner Lee Casey for The Wall Street Journal as well as through numerous television appearances.

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One thought on “ObamaCare plaintiff attorney victim of cyberattack

  1. David R. Zukerman

    (website still online, presently moribund, alas)

    Just learned feds might seek a stay in Florida.

    Can you fashion Necessary and Proper argument to keep the chief justice from carrhying his support of Necessary and Proper Plus (in US v. Comstock) over to Commerce Clause. I think NPC Plus will be the key st SCOTUS.


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