Rivkin calls out Obama White House lawyers

Former White House counsel says Obama lawyers setting dangerous precedent in cover-up of Sestak investigation

Published on June 01, 2010

by Brent Baldwin


OfficialWire PR News Bureau
Was an alleged job offer from the Obama administration to Pennsylvania Congressman Joe Sestak a crime? Republicans are calling for an investigation by the F.B.I. into what they believe was an inappropriate, potentially criminal offer by a White House staffer urging the Congressman to drop out of a race against Democratic Senator Arlen Specter.

Former White House counsel David Rivkin, during a panel appearance on the May 30 broadcast of the Fox News program, Geraldo at Large, said he believed the problem was much deeper.

“In all Washington scandals, what happened since the story broke is more important,” Rivkin said. “The White House counsel investigating this matter should have turned it over to the Justice Department in the very early days when it appeared there was the possibility that a White House staffer broke criminal law.”

To have the White House counsel proceed in this fashion amounts to a “possible obstruction of justice and is a very serious problem,” Rivkin said.

Also appearing on the program was conservative columnist Ann Coulter who characterized the story as “business as usual” from White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and the Obama administration.

Rivkin pointed out that this type of secretive behavior had not occurred in the past five administrations.

“Having any White House that possesses tremendous power investigate itself is a very, very bad precedent … you’re not supposed to have a White House counsel play this kind of a role,” he said.

Source: http://www.officialwire.com/main.php?action=posted_news&rid=148009


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