The constitutionality of the individual purchased mandate

According to the Constitution, not a single one of Congress’ enumerated powers will support an individual purchase mandate. This fact, however, does not seem to carry weight with the Congressional decision making processes. When asked about the Constitutionality of the decision to force a purchase on the American people, responses from the Senate Judiciary Chairman, Patrick Leahy, were short, incomplete, and unfounded. The individual mandate was compared, incorrectly, to the federal government’s ability to set speed limits on interstate highways. This, of course, is totally inaccurate. States have the authority to set the speed limits on roads running through their territories.

Over the course of an entire interview with a CNSNews reporter, Sen. Leahy made virtually no relevant points concerning the validity of Congress’ ability to require a purchase by each individual in the United States. Since this is something that has never been done in the history of our nation, fair consideration on the Constitutionality of the process should be brought to the forefront of the discussion. After all, it is under the Constitution that this nation has been governed for several hundred years. The issue of Constitutional Drift, though admittedly expanding in the past few years, has gone beyond its usual mark and exposed a breathtaking rift in this particular affair. The notion that the general welfare language found in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution is a basis for a specific legislative exercise is silly. If this were true, the general welfare language would be inherently limitless, and the federal government could enact any mandate it saw fit. The total lack of consideration for the Constitutionality of this issue must be addressed if the United States desires to remain intact as an ethically and soundly governed nation.


One thought on “The constitutionality of the individual purchased mandate

  1. Angles and Angels

    Congress can mandate Americans to buy health insurance. Watch them. No one is going to stop it because the President is behind it and what the President says goes! Wake up, America, it’s time for some positive CHANGE!


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